How to open a tourist visa and invitation to Ukraine

In some foreign countries to visit Ukraine visa regime installed. A tourist visa is a stamp in the passport of a citizen of the Embassy.

Оформить туристическую визу в Украину. Быстро сделать визу для тируста в Украину

With the help of her citizens are allowed to enter the country as a tourist. Full list of countries for which need a paper presented at the Embassy of Ukraine and agencies. To open a tourist visa, you need an invitation from a company or individual. After that, the completed application form, original passport, pay for the visa fee and tourist invitation to Ukraine is a Ukrainian consulate. Due to the large number of unscrupulous tourists for a number of countries have tightened the requirements for a certain number of its issue. The embassy may be required to show the presence of a return ticket or the presence of a financial instrument. Duration of stay of foreign nationals must not be greater than the period than that specified in the visa. Usually it is issued by Ukrainian Embassy for one month. This document gives the right to enter the territory of Ukraine once. Before issuing a tourist visa to a citizen is interview, after which workers decide whether the consulate for a visa. If you have submitted false documents or ill-behaved, the consulate may refuse extradition.