Visitor Visa to Ukraine and how to get it

The main reason a visitor’s visa issuance – formalized by an appropriate authority to call a specific foreign national. Invitations come in different types, which differ in order of arrival, the stay period and the period of registration. In accordance with the law of this State, a foreign citizen who is planning to travel the guest is required to advance to attend to give a special visitor’s visa.

How to make an alien visitor visa to Ukraine for short sroki.Oformit invited guest of Ukraine

Как оформить гостевую визу иностранцу в Украину за короткие сроки.Оформить приглашение гостю УкраиныThis document is issued to foreigners on the basis of the guest invitations and gives the right to stay in the country a certain period, visiting with family, friends or relatives.

Features a visitor’s visa

Visa offers Ukraine differs on multiplicity and travel validity period:
One-time, the delay time in the country 30 or 90 days, a single trip.
Double entry, valid for 30 or 90 days, two possible entry.
Multiple, assuming the stop 180 days, an unlimited number of entries into the country. But that is worth remembering that the stay in the territory of our country on multiple form in each half must not exceed 90 days.
Documents required to open a visitor visa: the main thing – it’s an invitation to Ukrainian citizens in the name of the applicant, issued in the local Visa Office – Department of Visas and Registration. It must be remembered – Ukrainian foreign consulates only accept the original call. To call you want to attach a copy of the sponsor.