Anyone who has ever experienced with the preparation of documents and designed the invitation in order to open a Ukrainian alien visitor or business visa to enter Ukraine, is well known as a complex bureaucratic procedure. It does not matter what type of invitation you need to get. Perhaps this guest invitation for your friend, acquaintance or relative. This can be an invitation to the groom or bride for marriage in Ukraine. Or are you going to invite my colleague, the future business partner, to establish the production line, purchased abroad, or is it holding events and exhibitions on the territory of Ukraine.

Draw up the documents for the visa to Ukraine and get the business invitation foreigner is not easy, even for a man who knows the entire process. Sometimes the collection of all required documents and information takes more than a month. Then, for at least another two weeks set aside for consideration and a decision on the possibility of inviting a foreigner in the department of the State Migration Service of your place of residence or the place of registration of your company. Unfortunately, there are cases of failures to issue invitations for formal reasons.

A visa to Ukraine is quite simple if you ask us, because we will provide a full package of necessary documents. Cooperating with us, you do not waste time going through all the bureaucratic processes and the execution of all permits, an invitation for a foreigner takes a few working days. All work associated with registration and the receipt of an invitation to Ukraine, we take on. Are you ready to get your hands on a set of documents, based on which your guest, relative, partner or issue a visa to Ukraine!

For travel companies and businesses, regularly inviting foreigners in Ukraine, the great bargains!

We work with all regions of the country. Shipping documents for visa by express mail.

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